sky shatters


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Stevie Kincade
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Stevie Kincade I guess I downloaded the EP for free and paid for this song. The clipping on the vocals is hard to listen to. EP has some nice lo fi atmospheric stuff stuff on it.
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"Beach Heart has a great thing going here. It's something different, something weird, something experimental to it all that oddly leaves wanting more. "Sky Shatters" makes us feel just like that and I admit it's different [and I like it]! The sky high synths and clipped up vocals makes this one in the unique playlist to anybody's playlist." - Carry Your Ears

"As soon as ‘Sky Shatters’ was uploaded to soundcloud, one gentlemanly comment emerged: “I like it, but the vocals clip, maybe re-record it…”

The response: “It’s supposed to clip.”

The intention, in fact, according to San Francisco’s Beach Heart, is for the track to be “pretty inaudible all around”. So yeah, the vocals go outside of their parameters, as do the sky-reaching synths. But the end result is undeniably pretty, even if the goal was to produce the complete opposite. With both the abrasiveness of a Knife-influenced Witch House act and the escapist glow of a glo-fi purveyor, it’s the mix of sour and sweet, harsh and warm, that makes the song as intriguing as it is." - Music Fan's Mic

“Within 10 seconds of pressing play I was hooked. By the time the track stretched to its four-minute mark I was already engrossed in a rampant Google search. I needed to know, Who? When? and most importantly Where?… can I hear more music that is. To my dismay, I did not discover much, however I did find out Beach Heart is based in San Francisco.

“Sky Shatter” is fucking incredible. The production reaches another level of greatness. The soaring synths & inaudible vocals have me transfixed. To make it all better, the track is available for free downland via Soundcloud.” - Sound on Mars


chasing monsters in the afternoon
fighting off the fear you've left too soon
watching all the future burn like photographs on fire
saving everyone from your goodbye


released March 18, 2012



all rights reserved


BEACH HEART Louisville, Kentucky

Combining elements of shoegaze, dreampop and chillwave, Beach Heart got his start in 2010 in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles and finally back to his hometown of Louisville. His memorable hooks and hazy melodies tend to stick in the back of your mind like fond recollections of past relationships you're not quite ready to let go of. ... more

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