The End EP


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released March 18, 2014



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BEACH HEART Louisville, Kentucky

Combining elements of shoegaze, dreampop and chillwave, Beach Heart got his start in 2010 in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles and finally back to his hometown of Louisville. His memorable hooks and hazy melodies tend to stick in the back of your mind like fond recollections of past relationships you're not quite ready to let go of. ... more

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Track Name: Hold On, Let Go
you're trying to find the time that's right
but you feel nothing
another kamikaze dive
into the sea
how come i know you never stopped
looking for something
something to help you see the light
of what could be

hold on
when it feels like you're a stranger in the dark
hold on, let go

your mama told you things get hard
when you get older
you always thought that you were stronger
than you seem
but girl you're lost and now the world's
a little colder
and there is no escape
as far as you can see
Track Name: Wild Sun
you said just leave the light on
i'll be home, i'll be home
i thought i could rely on
the words you spoke, words you spoke
i waited through the morning
you never showed, never showed
why do i sit and wonder
well i don't know, i don't know

didn't want to fall in love
cause when i start i just remember that
i can't wait for you
i know there's nothing left
cause when i look at you i see it
in your eyes
(you said just leave the light on)
wild sun, wild sun
(you said just leave the light on)
wild sun, wild sun

in case i don't remember
that i was here, i was here
i'll write it in a letter
and disappear, disappear
Track Name: Goodbye For Now
one time then it's over
gotta let it go
tonight is the end
of everything
how could i have been
wrong so many times
leaving me to this

and when the light goes out
a life in a circle
then i'll know it's over
goodbye for now, goodbye for now, goodbye for now

years spent in the wrong way
trying to recall
fine lines that i crossed
too many times
right back to the first page
i fly until i fall
never to come back
to here at all

and when we all remember
what we've forgotten
then i'll know it's over
goodbye for now, goodbye for now, goodbye for now
Track Name: This is Not the End
drive all night
to the coastline
wake up
in the sand
how'd you let go
of the things you said to me

fight the sun
til the nighttime
you move so slow
in my hands
why are we still here
if we're running out of time

falling back
toward the water
hiding out
in the light
this is not the end
this is not the end